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The following information provides an overview of the Curriculum that we offer at the Beacon Federation schools. More detailed information about each subject is available under Curriculum Learning Maps, and about the learning within each year group at each individual school, under Year Group Maps. If you wish to know any more about our Curriculum, please email your school’s admin address and we will respond to your enquiry.

Curriclum Learning Maps

These Curriculum Learning Maps give detailed information about the concepts, knowledge and skills that will be taught cumulatively and progressively in each subject, from one year to the next. These are linked specifically to the topics, outlined in the Topic Rolling Programme.

Year Group Maps 2020-21

These maps detail the children’s learning in each class, for each term and in each curriculum subject. They are developed by the class teacher, based on the Topic Rolling Programme and Curriculum Learning Maps, but tailored to the specific needs and interests of the children in their class.

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